Put Some Unique Decor in Your Future

20 Dec
Put Some Unique Decor in Your Future

Have you been wishing for a guest bedroom with a designer touch? Get started on that new space by giving yourself the gift of unique decor. A great sheet set and a few matching pieces can help you accomplish a goal that once seemed overwhelming.

Here’s a quick and easy example to turn that dream guest room into a reality. Come to Rocky Mountain Décor and search on “bears” or a term that comes to mind when you think of what country means to you. Your search will bring up a wide variety of items that fit together nicely.

Choose different types of things that look similar but not exactly alike. For the bear example you can go with bear sheets, the Circle of Bears Wall Mirror and for some added whimsy, the Bears in a Canoe lamp. Include your own touches to pull it all together, such as throw pillows that match the color of the canoe on the lamp. Shop your house and you may be surprised by the items you can borrow from one room to make your new space come alive.

Themed items make a wonderful gift for a friend. Put your inspirational items together in a big box and wrap it using country touches like brown paper wrapping, twine instead of ribbon, and a wooden ornament in the shape of your chosen theme. Here are some great country gift wrapping ideas.

Looking for other decorating ideas? Check out our blog. And come see us at Rocky Mountain Cabin Decorto find some great deals. We’ve got a wide variety of interesting items on sale now!

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