Making your Hunting Trophies Festive for the Holidays

29 Nov
Making your Hunting Trophies Festive for the Holidays

Many hunters love mounting and stuffing their trophies to hang in their homes. The question is, how do you make it festive for the holidays? How can you make your wildlife decor be the envy of your hunting buddies at your holiday party?

Here’s a few easy ideas to dress them up and make them festive.

  •  Is there a fully stuffed bear in the corner? Put a Santa outfit on him. Don’t forget to add the hat, beard, and glasses. Bears aren’t always meant to look so scary.
  • Have a fox or other small animal stuffed? Get small, festive hats, glue, and glitter. Give your little guy a name, write it in glue and add glitter. Get fake snow spray and give them a snow-covered mount.
  • Is there a full deer head or moose head mounted on your wall? Sunglasses are a classic to put on them. For the holidays try putting a mistletoe on the antlers; so your guest can kiss each other under those antlers. You can also add a beard and some garland as a collar.
  • Do you have a skull mounted? Find big googly eyes to put in the sockets, add a red nose, and a decoration or two on the antlers. It should bring about a good laugh among your guests.
  • Have random antlers lying around? You could hang them from the ceiling, the tree, or stick them on the wall. Once you’ve put them where you like, add decorations or mistletoe to those antler points.

These are just a few ideas, but you get it. The holidays are a time for being fun and jolly. So live it up, make it festive, have fun with those hunting trophies.

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