Rustic Decor and Rustic Food

15 Nov
Rustic Decor and Rustic Food

For many people country cabins evoke images of good country cooking. Whether it’s a delicious Thanksgiving meal, a simple barbeque, or a hearty breakfast, everyone appreciates a home cooked meal, whether it’s served in a homey kitchen  a formal dining room or perhaps even around a camp fire.

No matter the setting, there are many rustic, country foods to make; some are passed down through the family, and some are new favorites. If you are looking for a new favorite or perhaps looking for ways to inject some fresh ideas into family favorite, here are a few suggestions for your next get together.

You can try a white chicken chili dip for casual meals or a bowl of chicken soup for a crisp fall day. An apple cake would be wonderful fall or wintertime dessert.

While the food is pivotal to a gathering, the dishes used to prepare and serve the food can be just as important. Aside from practicality, the dishes help create a warm ambiance particularity when used to supplement rustic decor.

When the dishes, food, and the setting are all cohesive, a sense of peace and warmth follows. In keeping with that concept there are plenty options to choose from, from serving dishes, to cook ware, to even bar ware.

Whatever your color scheme, you will find dinnerware and serving dishes to compliment it. Remember, you don’t have to completely match if you don’t wish it; sometimes a common color or image can tie items together. For instance you can have a mix of turquoise and iron colored dishes. If you like both colures but prefer a matching set, then you can have both colors combined in dinnerware set.

Whether you choose to mix and match or simply match, we have a wide selection to stock your kitchen. For more information on our country inspired products, feel free to contact us at 1-866-207-0896

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  1. Jenny Scheldberg

    November 28, 2015 at 4:28 pm

    I love recipe suggestions. Thanks!


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