Fire pits stretch the day’s fun into the night

01 Nov
Fire pits stretch the day’s fun into the night

It’s the time of year when the weather beckons us to come outside and enjoy it. The kids comfortably play games in the grass while grown-ups tend to outdoor activities neglected during less inviting temperatures. Whether it’s a small slice of family time or a large, festive gathering of friends, make this moment last longer with a warm fire pit.

Outdoor fun doesn’t have to end as the sun goes down; it just stretches longer like early evening shadows. The kids’ ball game may not last into the dark, but gather on benches near a glowing fire pit and stories of bygone games will reignite the fun, fueling this night’s memories another day. Someday the kids may realize that the heroics of those old games tales may not have been as accurate as actual events were, but for tonight let’s laugh and enjoy it just as its being recounted.

You’ll find all you need to create this fire pit setting at Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor. We specialize in rustic decor and rustic furniture perfectly suited for your ideal fire pit. When you choose your fire pit furniture and accessories, make selections based on comfort – you want your fire mates to stay a while! But what stays the longest are the evening’s memories, so create a memorable fire pit setting and all you’ll have to do is keep the night’s glow going.

Long after the fire’s embers have faded, and the weather has made another change for the worse, you’ll recall fun times around the fire pit and feel its warmth once again.

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One response to “Fire pits stretch the day’s fun into the night

  1. tat2gurlzrock

    November 2, 2015 at 1:58 pm

    That is a nice firepit.We don’t have one but our neighbors do.It is great for the annual Halloween and New Years parties!


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