Antler Decor – More Versatile Than You May Realize

25 Oct
Antler Decor – More Versatile Than You May Realize

Fall is upon us here in the northern hemisphere.  Leaves are changing into their ceremonious autumn glory and splendor.  There is a slight chill in the air and rutting season for the local deer population will begin soon.  While many who live in the city are unfamiliar with the ensuing drive for these testosterone-driven animals to go procreate in mass quantities, they are also completely oblivious to all the hoopla that surrounds it and the arrival of hunting season.  Ahhhh!  The quest for the ultimate rack of antlers atop a mighty buck and the visual of this prize mounted on the wall of prominence.

This perceived image conjures up a sense of pride among men, but the fairer sex is often dismayed at the thought of hanging part of a dead beast, slain in battle, hanging in her house for the world to see.  Fear not, fine maidens!  The days of limited decorating options with antlered critters are well behind us and a myriad of new, tasteful, and dare I say, elegant options, are available.

Antlers used for decorating purposes are documented throughout history and although some may find them distasteful and tacky, many more find them the epitome of completing their wild and natural rustic look replete with earthy tones and bearskin rugs.  Antler decor has come a long way, baby! It has become as diverse in alternatives and with styles as classic as any Tiffany lamp.  One simply needs to expand beyond the limited thinking that only an old hunting cabin is suitable for such adornment and October is all about antler decor! 

For example, there are choices available from a natural coloration for those bent on the complete man-cave look or you can also choose from a bleached version that may suit a more elegant setting.  There are unlimited creative options that are also functional.  Chandeliers, table top lamps, and coat racks are a few popular examples.  However, there are also magazine racks, drawer pulls, bookends, wall sconces, candelabra, and so much more available to suit any design scheme.  The only limit is your imagination.  So, come on and step out of that tree stand and explore the possibilities!

For more antler decoration ideas and to virtually hunt for your own “trophy”, please contact us.

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