Serve Up Appetizers with Some Antler Flair This October!

18 Oct
Serve Up Appetizers with Some Antler Flair This October!

Many people will be welcoming guests throughout the upcoming holiday season so why not share your love for the great outdoors at the same time you’re sharing food with your guests? October is all about antler decor and we have items handcrafted from naturally shed, and lovingly gathered, antlers that will let you serve your guests in rustic style.

Set out this deer bowl heaped with nuts in the shell for your guests and watch their surprise when they finally uncover the handsome buck and doe carved in the bottom. Our nut cracker and pick set is the perfect complement for the vintage looking handmade bowl. These beautiful and unique pieces are handcrafted with antler handles and are very stylish.

Serve a festive cheese ball and platter of crackers along with that bowl of nuts – this set of deer buffet stands will offer them up to your guests in style. Add a cheese scoop with a beautiful antler handle; it’s the perfect utensil for scooping up a bit of that tasty cheese. Once they have some cheese on their cracker, anantler-handled spreader will allow your guests to spread that soft cheese with ease. If you’re also serving firm cheeses, this cheese planer with its elegant, yet rustic, antler handle will carve off a thin slice perfect for a cracker or piece of crusty bread.

Kick off the holiday season with style; your guests are sure to enjoy your rustic decor as much as the food when you use naturally shed antlers to serve up some tasty appetizers!

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