Antlers in the Kitchen

11 Oct
Antlers in the Kitchen

Here at Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor, October is all about Antler Decor! Does that mean trophies mounted on the wall? Whole deer or moose heads over the fireplace? If that’s what you’re after, then sure! But not all antlers have to be hunting trophies. Did you know deer antlers are actually a highly renewable resource?

Every year, deer naturally shed their antlers to make way for next year’s bigger set. Just like us, they like to redecorate. That means the discarded antlers are left lying around the woods, ready to be collected with no harm at all to the deer or environment!

The antlers are collected by families who have made it their trade for generations. The antlers then make their way to world-renowned artisans who craft them into pieces of art and utility, which then make their way to your home.

There are all kinds of ways to add a unique, rustic touch to your decor with antlers. Consider giving your kitchen a wild touch with our Antler Handled Shell Spoon, Antler Cheese Knife, Antler Pastry Server, orAntler Handle Pasta Servers, just to name a few. Your guests will love the outdoorsy touch, and you’ll have a great conversation piece. Tell them all about the process that brought these antlers from the woods to your kitchen table, and they’re sure to be amazed.

If you want a woodsy touch in your cabin but prefer renewable, no-harm resources, you can’t do better than antler decor. Even if these aren’t your priorities, why not add some antler to your kitchen? Check out our huge range of naturally-shed antler cutlery today!

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