Country Decor in the Kitchen

30 Aug
Country Decor in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the center hub of a lot of the activity that goes on in the home. You want the kitchen to be both functional and a wonderful place to dwell. The question is, “How do you have functional country decor in the kitchen?”

Accessories – The easiest way to decorate your kitchen while keeping the clutter down is to pick kitchen accessories that you love. Look for dishes and linen’s with country patterns or animals. Choose plates that make you want to have the table set all day long. Use burlap or checkered place mats. Decorative dish cloths hung over the handle of the oven bring a picture perfect look to a kitchen.

Storage – Use country themed canisters to hold your flour, sugar, and brown sugar. This clears up space in your pantry, while decorating your counter top. A porcelain pitcher is a fantastic holder for all of your spatulas, wooden spoons, and whisks.

Decoration – Have one or two different decorations, such as a ceramic statue or figurine, that you love. One or two will not over clutter your kitchen. They will make your kitchen look decorated, but not over run with knickknacks. Find a fun clock. It’s a great way to spruce up a wall with something that’s nice to have.

Remember not to stress too much about how you decorate. You can always redo it later, so relax and have fun. However you choose to decorate, make sure that you love it. Your home is your sanctuary. Treat it as such and you’ll be happy with it.

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