August Is All About Horses!

07 Aug
August Is All About Horses!

There’s no doubt about it – August is all about horses. Whether you ride them or just admire them from afar, there’s something about a horse that stirs our emotions. After all, it’s been just a little over a hundred years since horses were an integral part of everyday life. They were the main source of transportation: they helped us get to work, school, and Sunday meetings; they carried groceries and supplies of all kinds home for us; and they did the major work around the farms and ranches that fed America. They aren’t a necessary part of life anymore but we still love them for their grace, beauty, and the fond memories they invoke.

Express your admiration for these magnificent creatures to the whole neighborhood with one of ourweathervanes; we have half a dozen different horse designs from which to choose. These sturdy weathervanes are crafted from real metal that will stand up to the rowdiest winds for years to come. Whether you choose a design in classic black, or one that offers a choice of metal finishes, you’ll be showing your love for horses while keeping a weather-eye on the wind.

Show visitors your love for horses from the moment they drive up to your property. Hang up our rustic cast aluminum welcome sign; it has a warm, powder-coated bronze finish highlighted with hand-painted accents.

You’ll know your visitors have arrived when they ring this decorative door bell with its dual horse heads. It’s cast in a single piece from solid zinc and plated in your choice of antique copper or brass, oil-rubbed bronze, pewter or nickel finishes; it’s then sealed with a lacquer finish that’s baked on for durability. It’ll add a luxurious touch to even the most rustic front door and your guests will know you’re not just horsing around about your love for these elegant animals.

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