Tips For Great Cabin Decor

02 Aug
Tips For Great Cabin Decor

Have you recently purchased or built your own getaway cabin? Congratulations! There are few things as rejuvenating as taking a few days just to get away from it all. Decorating a cabin can be both fun and challenging.

Here are some tips for great cabin decor:

Use Color Sparingly

Don’t overdo it with bright colors. Instead, use carefully-chosen accent pieces to add a warm, cozy feel without losing the rustic flavor of a cabin. A colorful area rug, blanket, or accent pillow is all you need to make a cabin pop. Red works well against wood tones. If you want to put a carpet in, choose a durable cream or beige, and them use accent rugs to warm it up. Throw pillows have a way of making any couch look comfy and inviting, and are a great way to add color without detracting from the natural, rustic feel of a cabin.


Choose pillows, bedding, drapes, and dishware that suit your décor tastes. Bears, geese, deer, and wolf motifs are all suitable for cabin décor. Plaids and Western patterns also look great in cabins. Just be careful not to go overboard. Distressed woods also work very well with cabin décor.

Dress The Deck

Invest in a good set of deck furniture, and make sure the deck looks cozy and inviting. You can hang a few pieces of local art, or put antlers outside the door to give the cabin a truly rustic flavor. If the area around the deck is overgrown, pull out weeds and trim any hedges.

Quality Over Quantity

Don’t clutter up a cabin with too many nic-nacs or furnishings. Choose functional, attractive pieces, and remember, less is more. An armoire with closing doors is perfect for holding a TV and electronics: just shut the door when you want the peace and quiet of the great outdoors.

Luxury Bathroom

Make your cabin bathroom inviting and cozy by using quality towels, and adding candles and natural soaps. For storage, consider using wicker baskets or hanging shelves.


The right lighting makes all the difference. An elegant chandelier or modern lamp may look out of place in a cabin. Look for pieces with warm colors and natural lines.

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