July Is All About Enjoying the Summer Heat!

12 Jul
July Is All About Enjoying the Summer Heat!
  • Whew! It’s hot out there, isn’t it? Well, after all, July is all about enjoying the summer heat and we have some suggestions for how you can enjoy the swelter this July.

    It’s time to celebrate America’s independence and from what better place than your own front (or back) porch? Now, we know that not every American is blessed with a porch seat view of the town pyrotechnic display, but if you are in the fortunate few, what better excuse is there for a BBQ, plenty of ice-cold watermelon, snacks, and a chilled bottle of your favorite wine?

    The stage is set for the fireworks to come with this Cedar Chickadee Dining Set. With four different lengths from which to choose, this beautiful western red cedar table can fit your deck or porch and the size crowd you’re apt to gather! When supper’s over and it’s time for the entertainment to begin, your guests will enjoy leaning back against the comfortable backs of the well-designed benches. Whether you’re watching fireworks, playing a friendly game of cards, or just chatting, this Mission Lantern Style Indoor-Outdoor Chandelier will cast just the right glow over the evening. And because it’s dark-sky compliant, it will cast it’s light where you need it rather than disturbing the critters of the night. After all, the only thing more fun than watching fireworks is watching wildlife!

    While you and your guests are relaxing around your beautiful new table, why not enjoy a snack and a drink? The Northwoods Dip Cooler will keep your favorite dip nice and cool on even the most sultry July evening and the coordinating Northwoods Wine Cooler will do the same for your favorite bottle of wine. These beautiful pieces of hand-thrown, salt glazed pottery are the perfect complement to your beautiful new summer “dining room” and offer a great way to toast our country’s birthday! Come to us for all of your summer entertainment needs – we would love to help you find the perfect accessories to actually enjoy the heat.

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