Country Furntiure for Pets

05 Jul
Country Furntiure for Pets

There’s nothing quite like coming home to a rustic cabin nestled in the forest, or at least a house decorated with the spirit of a country cabin. Country furntiure has a wonderful way of transforming any space into a warm, cabin like home. After all, we can’t choose where we live but we can choose the atmosphere of our home.

Cabins exude an atmosphere of hospitality and warmth and we want our family to feel that warmth and comfort in every room. That includes the furry, four -legged family members as well.

We want our pets to have their own space but we also want our home’s decor to be cohesive with the country cabin theme. There is much more variety in pet furniture than their used to be, so finding ones to fit into cabin decor is quite easy. Dog beds, gates, even feeding stations, are available in rustic designs both you and your pet will enjoy.

Every dog needs a comfortable bed, and we have many to choose from, such as our rustic cedar bedcomplete with mattress. If your dog already has a comfy mattress, you can pick out a frame from various sizes.

We even have dog crates that are built into end tables so you have storage as well as a comfy place for your dog to relax. They are also convenient and stylish ways to ensure all the furniture in the home blends together in a common theme.

Just as you take care in choosing the perfect dining room table for your family, take care in choosing the perfect feeding station. Whether single, double, or even a portable feeder, we have several durable and stylish options.

Now, everyone can feel at home in your cozy, cabin or cabin inspired home.

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