Decorating Your Family Room With Fish

21 Jun
Decorating Your Family Room With Fish

It’s June and that means it’s all about fish! With that in mind, we’d like to offer some decorating ideas for your family room that will have you dreaming about fishing all year ’round. After all, there are months when we’re too busy, or it’s too cold outside, to go fishing but that shouldn’t stop us from remembering our favorite fishing hole and wishing we were there.

Iron Fish Wall Clock

This beautiful clock is available in your choice of 12″ and 18″ sizes and with three different lovely finishes. Whether you choose the blackened iron, copper verdigris, or rust patina finish, you’ll have a wonderful clock to proudly display in your rustic retreat.

3 Fishing Pole End Table

Your rustic cabin isn’t complete until you add this gorgeous end table. The three iron fishing poles are so well detailed, complete with reels and lines, that you’ll be tempted to add them to your fishing gear collection! You can even add matching floor and table lamps, too. You’ll also have the pride of knowing that your perfect little table was made right here in the USA by American craftsmen!

Jumping Bass Sculpture

Add a little fishing action right in your family room with this dark bronze bass sculpture; this trophy sized fish looks almost good enough to eat but we wouldn’t recommend it. It was cast in a mold using Hydracal, a type of crushed stone. After casting, colors and polish were applied to the sculpture by hand. The Attila Art Studio’s hallmark process gives the sculpture the unique feel of an aged, natural patina.

Three Trout Fish Sculpture

If your fishing “tastes” run more to the Salmonidae family, you may prefer this exquisite trout sculpture, also from the Attila Art Studio. The realistic, lifelike texture will bring a little bit of a mountain stream right into your family room.

Now that you’ve decorated your favorite rustic retreat with your favorite decor, it’s time to get out of there and go fishing. Good luck!

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