Good Old-Fashioned American Craftsmanship

17 May
Good Old-Fashioned American Craftsmanship

Summer is coming and many Americans are looking forward to picnics, parades, watermelon, ice cream socials, fireworks, and decorating their homes and yards for the 4th of July with the red, white & blue. Unfortunately, most of those “patriotic” decorations aren’t made in America! Since May is Made in the USA Month, why not celebrate now by choosing a quality American-made item of décor to show your pride in our great country? We believe in good old-fashioned American craftsmanship and are proud to offer a wide selection of the highest-quality rustic decor.

When our forefathers needed anything made of metal, they visited the village blacksmith. These skilled artisans could craft nearly anything needed out of metal using primitive tools, blazing heat and an enormous amount of strength. Horseshoes, nails, plows, chains, shovels, axes, spoons and roasting forks were just a few of the things these American craftsmen made. Now you can share in a little of the history of the forge with our Pine Collection Bench. It’s hand-forged in the tradition of the same great craftsmanship of the past and will be a stunning focal point whether on your porch or in the entry hall.

If you would like a hand-forged item in your home, but not necessarily a bench, we offer many other options such as this grand chandelier graced with naturally shed elk antlers or this elegantly simple bath light. They’re just two of many American-made lighting options we have available. Like the smiths of the past, our blacksmiths also make smaller items for the home such as this pine cone drawer pull.

Don’t spend money on short-lived decorations made in foreign countries. Invest in beautiful, high quality items you’ll be proud to say were made by American craftsmen, instead!

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