Let your dog sleep in luxury

26 Apr
Let your dog sleep in luxury

You love your dog, but let’s be honest: she’s a bed hog. How many times have you woken up, practically on the floor, your canine companion sprawled out in what used to be your spot? Maybe it’s time you got her her own bed.

At Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor, we have a wide range of luxury pet beds that give your dog the space both of you need. Our Outdoor Futon Pet Bed Frame is made of solid white oak and built to last, even out in the elements. Leave it natural, stain it, or paint it. It’s up to you and your dog!

The Cedar Dog Bed is a cut above. Made from hand peeled Northern cedar logs, each bed is hand crafted and is unique. Its rustic but polished look will fit perfectly in your cabin or home. It comes with a soft mattress your dog will love.

The Frisco Dog Bed is for the dog on the go. This luxurious travel bed folds up with locking straps for easy packing and carrying. Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean your pup can’t sleep in luxury.

The Cache Travel Dog Bed lets your dog travel in comfort. Fits into your pup’s kennel in the back or on your car’s passenger seat. It’s made of wax canvas that makes cleaning a breeze.

Check out our website for more fantastic products for you and your pup! And remember, here at Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor, April is all about our K-9 Friends.

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