Spring Styles for Cabins

12 Apr
Spring Styles for Cabins

As the weather warms up and days get longer, refresh your cabin furniture for the lighter season. We’ve got ways for you to give your cabin a spring makeover and infuse the space with light, air, and all the cozy cabin comforts you need to lounge outside.

Lighten up your bedding

When putting away those heavy flannel sheets and winter comforters, lighten up the color and style of your bedding. Choose neutral sheets embellished with birds, fish, or wildlife. Add some light-colored decorative shams to create a cozy nook for your family or house guests who want to get out in nature this spring.

Create an outdoor living area

Spring is the perfect time to extend your living area outdoors with a deck, patio, or dining area outside the cabin. We’ve got Adirondack chairs and chaise lounges that are perfect for using outside. For a cozier feel, try one of our hammocks, fire pits, or gliders. Made from sturdy wood, our outdoor furniture will also blend in with the look and feel of your rustic cabin.

Engage the wildlife

Wildlife start to emerge from hibernation and return from migration in spring. Welcome them by adding cabin furniture and decor that either features wildlife or caters to their needs. We have a full selection of bird baths, bird feeders, and animal-themed garden decor. As you spend time outside, you’ll be able to enjoy the critters that flock to your property.

Please contact us if you would like more ideas of cabin furniture, decorating trends, or rustic chic. We look forward to hearing from you!

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