April is all about our K-9 Friends: Elevated Dog Feeders

05 Apr
April is all about our K-9 Friends: Elevated Dog Feeders

Dogs love to eat. It’s one of those irrefutable laws of nature. Your dog loves to eat, doesn’t he? We knew it! Sometimes they can get a little ahead of themselves, though. Just because they love it doesn’t mean they’re going to savor it, and this can lead to trapped air and bloating.

That’s why elevated feeders are so important. When big dogs have to bend down to reach their food, even more air gets trapped in their digestive systems. When their food is raised up to a comfortable level, they may still be gulping it down, but at least the odds’ll be in their favor!

It’s also a great idea for older, arthritic dogs. When your joints hurt, the last thing you want to do is reach way down to the floor for dinner. Bring dinner up to your dog, and she’ll thank you for it, and it might even add years to her life!

We have a huge assortment of raised dog feeders! The Cantilever style makes for a modern art feel. The Outdoor Feeder comes in natural wood and can just as easily be used inside to pull together a rustic cabin look. The Mahogany Feeder adds some serious class to any room. The Classic Black is utilitarian and never goes out of style. We have even more styles on our website, so go check it out! We’re confident you’ll find something to fit your dog’s (and your own) style! And keep checking back for more dog stuff! Remember, April is all about our K-9 Friends!

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