Cabin Attitude Calls for Cabin Decor

22 Feb

Heaven is a little closer at the cabin…


Americans have had a love affair with the log cabin ever since Swedish immigrants built the first ones in Delaware around 1638.

But what is a cabin attitude, you ask?

  • It’s an attitude that means nature doesn’t stop at the door but is invited inside.
  • It’s a put-your-feet-up and let-your-hair-down feeling.
  • It’s about a To Do list that has only a few things on it: walk, eat some good food, laugh with friends and family, stare at the stars and sleep.
  • It means that watching the sunset is mandatory, but the sunrise? Hmm… maybe not.
  • It means you’re not fussy about a little dust, but you absolutely require comfort and solid, hand-hewn quality.

No matter what your home address is, if you have a cabin attitude, you’ll want to set up your place up to match. Rocky Mountain Decor can help.

The cabin necessities include:


A table ample enough for guests, like our Ranch House dinner table with comfy chairs all around. Maybe our Pine Tree arm chairs will do the trick.  You’ll also want plates and utensils to match the cabin mood, like Antler Handled forged flatware.


Comfy seating, like a Wyoming Collection futon. And at least one rocking chair, like our solid wood Porch Rocker.

Or if you’re partial to a little more padding underneath, pick the Cedar Rocker with upholstered seat.

For romantic sunset viewing, the Adirondack Bench, with two seats and a spot for your drink, would be perfect.


And to end the day, you’ll want to retire to a bed that’s at home in a cabin, like our Wilderness Bed by Frontier Ironworks.

If you feel a cabin attitude coming on, take a stroll through the cabin décor on our website. Spend a little time there and you’ll swear you can smell the wood smoke and hear the wind in the pines.

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