Rustic Art That We Love

08 Feb

A picture is worth a thousand words. Paintings and photographs spark our imaginations, inspire, and captivate us. At Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor, we love art and are proud to offer the work of manyfantastic artists and photographers.

Much of our art is wildlife-themed and perfect for bringing out your inner nature lover. An animal’s portrait can set the tone for a whole room. In particular, Carl Brenders’ Sudden Encounter-Bull Moose makes a bold statement as it depicts an intimidating moose dramatically posed. Your heart rate may increase slightly just by looking at this painting and imagining yourself in the scene. This piece is perfect for the thrill seekers and those who love the excitement of wildlife encounters in nature.

If a more serene tone better suits you, take at look at Ron Parker’s majestic soaring bald eagle in Dawn Flight. This painting will bring peace to any room it graces. It is difficult to imagine a more calm and awe-inspiring scene than that of an eagle soaring over a bay at sunrise. For other tranquility-inducing pieces, see Phillip Philbeck’s peaceful landscape paintings, as well as those by Bob Wygant.

For a true Rocky Mountain theme, see Icons of the West and Calm & Free by Robert Peters. The two pieces make an excellent pair. Icons of the West features the mighty American Bison that once roamed throughout North America, and is responsible for drawing visitors to many western National Parks today. Calm & Free depicts a relaxed group of elk lounging by a lazy river. Both pieces are set in the foothills of mountains powdered with snow.

Be sure to browse our website for more Rustic Decor that we Love.

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