Reasons Why Country Decor Just Feels More Like Home

01 Feb

There is just something about country decor that takes you to a place in your childhood. You may not even know why it brings you back, it just elicits warm feelings in the pit of your stomach. There are probably multiple reasons why these pastels and farm fixtures bring a smile to your face, but here are just a few of the reasons why country decor just feels more like home.

You Knew Someone

It may have been your grandmother, or your friend’s mom who lived on a farm, but you definitely knew someone growing up that loved to decorate with this kind of decor.  Seeing it know instantly brings you back to warm summer days without a care in the world and the most delicious home cook meals you had ever had.  Chances are you may have even inherited a little of that person’s collection to adorn your own house.

The Colors

A lot of country decor uses bright pastel colors that are just fun to see.  Unlike modern design which uses a lot of black, white, and gray which can become a little drab, country decor likes to bring life into a room with these bright colors.  You will see darker colors in country decor as well, but these are usually made for contrast and are still more lively than a modern black and white slate.

There is Something About Distressed Wood

It is hard to put your finger on why distressed wood is so appealing, but it is.  These pieces bring a sort of modern nostalgia into a room and remind us that no matter how old we get there is still a use for us somewhere.  Distressed wood pieces often become the focal point of a room because of their beauty and the story behind them.

It’s Just Fun

While everyone else is clamoring for dark colors and sharp edges you will be enjoying your room a lot more with country decor.  It gives you many more options to play with as far as themes, arrangements, and re-purposing old items.  The next time you host a diner party at your house just look around and see how much more at ease people are when they are surrounded by the beauty and comfort of country decor.

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