Simple Tips to Create Rocky Mountain Rustic Decor

11 Jan

Thoughts of a cabin in the Rocky Mountains conjure up images of warm lighting set amidst log walls, rustic chandeliers and decor that uses the local flora and fauna to accent the mountains themselves. You don’t need to live in the Rocky Mountains to achieve the rustic decor that lets you live like you are on a Rocky Mountain High.


Adding simple touches such as themed lighting that have shades with inset images of the aspens that grace the Rocky Mountain region helps give a rustic touch to your home and living space. For family rooms and recreation areas, using themed bar and strip lighting gives the room a soft light, much like the soft light found in many cabins.

Wall sconces give the cabin touch with many variations. There are sconces that have silhouettes of deer, elk, bear and eagles. When illuminated these give off shades of the fauna etched into the sconce.

Throw Pillows and Blankets

One of the simplest and easiest ways to create a rustic tone to your living space is by adding some western design throw pillows and blankets. Drape a turquoise designed blanket over the sofa to create the Rocky Mountain feel. To continue to build on these accents, couple the blanket with throw rugs that match the design and color palette of the blanket. Add some pillows on the sofa that mix well with the blanket and your room becomes a rustic paradise that will give the romance and relaxation of a Rocky Mountain chalet.

The Little Things

Many cabins adhere to the adage “less is more”, typically due to limited space, yet this adage applies even in large spaces. Pepper a few elk horn candle holders, rustic curtains fitted with etched metal drapery hardware and the room now pops with the touches of that Rocky Mountain cabin that is storied and sought.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any help in selecting the right decor options for your living space. Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor is ready to assist you in outfitting your home with the rustic decor you desire.

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