Three Tips for Using Art in Country Decor

28 Dec

The focus of your country décor may lie with your rustic furniture made out of solid wood and the antler lighting hanging from your ceiling. But if you leave the walls bare and don’t accessorize your space, your rooms will look stark and unwelcoming. Add a little life into your home by following these guidelines for art and accessories.

  • Hang art at the right height. The general rule for hanging your animal prints and landscape oil paintings is to put them at eye level. This works only if you’re the only person who uses the room. Given that you have the needs of your family and friends to contend with, hang your artwork so that their center measures 57 inches from the floor. This is the standard used in many museums and galleries.
  • Group collections together. Individually, your wooden horse sculptures or cowboy bronzes may be impressive. But not as much as if you grouped them together – the whole will then seem greater than the sum of its parts. A group of objects can also act as a focal point for the room, pulling the eye in one direction instead of forcing it to wander among several objects scattered in space.
  • Rotate what you have. If you have more art than space for it, there’s no need to try and force every little object onto every open surface in the room. If you do, your living areas will look like flea market tables. Bring out only a few pieces of art and accessories at a time and store the. With each season, change what you have on display and you’ll transform your space into something new.

Don’t be shy about using art and accessories. They help turn a generic space into a reflection of who you are.

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