Creative Spaces Need Unique Decor

21 Dec

Whether it is the kitchen, a home office, or a little nook in the corner of the bedroom, every house has a spot where new ideas are born and creativity grows. Bringing dreams to life is an amazing part of being human, so creative spaces are important in everyone’s home. Filling these places with unique decor is a sure way to add thought provoking effectiveness. Try adding some pieces with a more rustic character to your space for something new.

In the kitchen, a mobile or window accent made from metal cookie cutters and a wooden rolling pin may inspire the baker in you to create an award winning cookie recipe. Adding a cedar rocking chair to the corner by the window is just the thing you need to research and organize recipes. Flour sack curtains are a nice touch as well. And don’t forget lighting. A chandelier made from organic materials like twigs or antlers can really showcase your creative dishes once they reach the dining room table

If you’re looking for a little more inspiration in your home office, try trading your boring desk for one made from reclaimed barn wood. Desktops made from sanded and polished boards that still retain an untrimmed edge make a statement by showing off the natural bark and curves of the tree they came from. Rustic, woodsy accents such as antler picture frames and cowhide covered chairs offer interesting textures while bringing natures inspiration indoors. Interesting shelving accents made from row boats or vintage milk crates can showcase your reference books and memorabilia.

Any special spot in your home can benefit from a comfortable rustic chair and nature inspired end table. Woodsy themed reading lamps can light the way to your next idea. For extra incentive, add a mascot to the area. Whether it is a moose figurine or a mounted trout, sometimes all you need is a silent partner to bounce ideas off of or a set of eyes monitoring your progress.

No matter the room, rustic furniture and accents can add a lot of inspiration to your creative space. Whether you choose a complete decorating theme or just a few carefully chosen pieces, bringing a taste of nature into your home is a great way to add unique personality to your space.

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