Happy Elk Month!

07 Dec

December is Elk Month here at Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor. Often over shadowed by their relative the moose, elk are majestic creatures in their own right. To kick-off the month the right way, here are a few interesting facts about elk.

Elk calves are typically born in springtime, mainly during May and June. Like baby deer, elk calves are born with spots, which serve as camouflage to protect against predators. A newborn calf weighs about 35 pounds, but a full-grown elk can weigh from 325 to 1,100 lbs!

Like moose, elk shed their antlers every year. A set of antlers can weigh as much as 40 pounds. Antlers are important during mating season, as they are used to battle opponents over a potential mate. Males with bigger antlers usually emerge as the victor.

Elks are primarily found in the western United States, particularly in Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, and Idaho. They also eat a lot, consuming approximately three pounds of food per day for every 100 pounds on their bodies. That adds up!

If you’re interested in observing elk, know that they are most commonly found in open grassland, such as meadows. Bulls (male elk) are very active in the fall, as it is their mating season. If you’re lucky, you might get to witness a battle between two bulls as they fight for the affections of a female.

At Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor, we have a plethora of elk related merchandise. Perhaps you’re interested in a clock to elegantly fill up wall space in your kitchen, or this elk antler candelabra for your living room. We have dozens of elk themed items in our store, and we invite you to take a look and see what piece can find a permanent place in your home. As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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