Country Decor with an Organic Twist For Holiday Entertaining

30 Nov

Even if you don’t cook your Christmas dinner with only organic ingredients grown from your garden, you can achieve the organic and natural decorating look you desire. By using rustic furniture and country decor as well as native plants for centerpieces, you can have a “green” Christmas. To get into the holiday mood, shop for Christmas stockings, ornaments, Santa figurines, Christmas tapestries and holiday throws.

  • Getting in the holiday spirit

If you are hosting the Christmas dinner at your house, you may be worried about whether you have enough seating and dining space for everyone invited. In addition to having rustic furnishings, it’s fun to look for country decor pieces as well as the natural berries, flowers and pine cones that can add the final touches. Consider Christmas candle holders to place on holiday table linens for a festive touch.

  • Planning the seating arrangements

After counting the number of people on your guest list, make sure you have enough dining room chairs as well a place settings. You can arrange any fancy china you have in a rustic-looking cupboard for your guests to admire. Other pieces of furniture that are ideal for setting out appetizers include a Plantation buffet. A Plantation rolling bar is even more versatile if you aren’t sure whether guests will be eating in one room or moving into another room.

  • Creating the conversation pieces

Your guests will admire creative centerpieces when you take the time to gather pine cones, beautyberry branches, bittersweet or other native branches and flowers.

At Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor, we have have a wide selection of holiday items and country decor in our Rustic Christmas Store. It’s also the time to shop for holiday gifts such as furniture, accessories, linens, bedding and lighting. From fan pulls that look like bears to rustic quilts, there’s something for everyone on your list.

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