A few things about cabin furniture that you should really know for the holidays

23 Nov

The method for creating the perfect rustic look comes down to styling with unique decor. You want cabin furniture that fashions a dramatic effect with natural objects and warm themes. Basically, you want furniture that is sturdy, robust, and rugged. Skip anything dainty or fussy as it will get lost in or clash with common rustic architectural features, such as wide-plank wood floors, weathered ceiling beams, and paneled walls. Knowledge is power, as the old saying goes, and that’s certainly true about cabin furniture. Here are a few things that you should know when it comes to seasonal rustic decor.

As we mentioned, layers of complicated patterns will make cabin decor too busy. Stick to simple designs in textiles. If you’re looking to use patterns, choose neutral colors to create a warm and cozy environment. Great patterns to consider are pine cones, bears, moose, deer, Aztec, camouflage, fish, leaves, horses, etc. To spice it up a bit for the holidays, try festive patterns like snowflakes, maple leaves, mistletoe, holly, pumpkins, cranberries, and more.

In cabin furniture, size does matter. You want items that are large in scale and weighty. Think about a leather couch, canopied four-poster beds, and a dining table that seats more than four. Also, consider rough materials like metals and woods. If your furniture is lacking in holiday spirit, accent it with rugs, throws, blankets, and pillows.

Found objects are a suitable way to accent your pastoral home. Twigs, tree stumps, dried leaves, nuts, acorns, and strips of bark can be used as accents. Bring the outside inside with murals or wallpaper that display a wildlife scene, candle holders that resemble branches, and chandeliers made out of antlers. There are many ways to utilize holiday knickknacks, like squirrel salt and pepper shakers, acorn bookends, pine cone stamped dinnerware, a lighted stained glass window lamp, etc. Themed found objects give joyous occasions that extra oomph.

A fireplace will literally warm up your rustic theme. If a fireplace isn’t for you, there are other ways to get that camp fire feel. A fire pit, candles, or lighting can create a welcoming ambiance during the holidays.

If it’s not cozy, it’s not a cottage. But remember to make it your own. It’s important to keep an open mind when dealing with such a specific style. Don’t be afraid to wander off the beaten path a bit with vintage items, collections, or homemade crafts. Live like Valentino Rossi,”My normal life is like being on holiday.”

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