Rustic Furniture Buying Guidelines

26 Oct

Rustic furniture is known for its outdoor touches that create welcoming, warm and cozy feelings. This type of furniture is characterized by certain characteristics such as prominent wood grains and rich, deep colors. It also features wood imperfections, which includes cracks, knots and splits. If you’re in the market for rustic furniture, here are some basic buying guidelines.

Popular Rustic Wood Types

Solid wood pieces are constructed from several different types of wood. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • White cedar—Rustic furniture made from white cedar wood is considerably durable and is light tan in color. Over time, the color changes into a soft gray shade. To preserve the original color, there are some furniture manufactures who coat the wood.
  • Red cedar—This wood has a distinctive scent and is bot moisture and rot resistant. Therefore, it’s perfect for chests and other furniture used to store linens and clothing. Its reddish-brown or purple color make it especially stunning.
  • Steam-bent hickory—This is also a very durable wood that is another common choice for rustic furniture. It’s mostly used in making pieces such as coffee tables, rocking chairs, porch chairs and dining room chairs.

Consider Wood Quality

In most cases, the more a piece of furniture costs, the more likely it’s constructed of solid, real woods that are of superior quality. Cheaper rustic furniture pieces are typically made from particleboard and plywood. Although they may be comfortable and stylish, they’re less durable than rustic furniture built from solid woods. Thus, they’ll wear faster, especially around the edges and joints.

Even worse, rustic furniture made from cheaper materials don’t hold up well when exposed to moisture and fluctuating temperatures. On the other hand, solid wood furniture pieces are considerably more hard-wearing.

Size Considerations

Consider the size of your room. For example, if you have a small room, you don’t want large, massive furniture that can make your room look crowded and cluttered.

But if you’re planning to furnish a spacious cabin or home that contains huge logs, then, you’ll want larger furniture. Rooms featuring vaulted or high ceilings also look more impressive with tall wood bookcases.

Other Considerations and Warnings

  • Because rustic houses usually have an open, airy appearance in which one room flows into another one, don’t use tables, sofas and other furniture dividers. You want your rooms to blend into one another room, such as a living room flowing into a dining room.
  • It’s best not to paint the wood because you want the imperfections to show.
  • Pine wood is a softer wood and isn’t not recommended for rustic furniture because it has more sap.
  • Use vintage lighting fixtures such as candle chandeliers and brass lamps, instead of contemporary overhead lighting or fluorescent lamps.

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