Inspired By Moose

19 Oct

Here at Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor, we’re celebrating Moose Month. These majestic animals always evoke images of the great outdoors, and we’re proud to offer moose themed products to add cozy, rustic elements to your home. Here are just a few Moose Facts for you to ponder:

  • Maine is famous for many things, such as delicious lobster rolls, Stephen King, and, of course, moose! In fact, the moose is the state’s official animal.
  • Baby moose, also called calves, grow very fast, and can outrun a person when they’re just five days old!
  • Many people assume that bull moose antlers are with them for life, but this is not true. Bull moosegrow their antlers during mating season (spring time) and shed them at winter. Each year, their antlersgrow back, bigger than the previous year.
  • This may seem pretty obvious, but it’s worth reiterating; moose are huge. Their stomachs can hold112 pounds of food!

We are proud to offer moose inspired products. We have many items made from antlers. These elegantshell spoons and cheese spreaders are the perfect addition to any kitchen. We also offer magnificentantler lighting fixtures of all sizes and types. These masterfully constructed pieces will bring joy to your family for generations. Perhaps you would prefer a nice knitted moose pillow or quilted throw to add a bit of warmth to your sitting room. Whatever your preference, we have dozens of moose inspired productsfor you to peruse. As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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