Celebrate Moose Month!

12 Oct

October is Moose Month at Rocky Mountain Cabin Décor and what better way to honor this majestic creature than by learning some fun, interesting facts about the largest species in the deer family!

Moose are found in the regions of North America; and in Europe and New Zealand, where they are known as “elk.” The name moose originated from the Algonquian Eastern Abnaki named ‘moz’ which means twig eater.

Reaching heights of six to seven feet at the shoulder, the moose delights in feeding on taller plants and trees to satisfy their herbivorous appetite. Did you know this mammal requires 9770 calories per day just to maintain its body weight, which ranges anywhere from 595 to 1,587 pounds?

The male moose shed their antlers in the fall and early winter following the end of the mating season. Every year, a new set is grown and comes in larger than the previous year’s “rack,” which can measure up to 6 ½ feet from tip to tip. The highly coveted flattened antlers of the male moose are regenerative organs that can fully develop in as little as five months. Before shedding the antlers, the moose first sheds the layer of skin on it, called velvet.

The male moose fight each other using their antlers to establish dominance, especially when it comes to the breeding season in early fall. The males bellow loudly to woo the females and the victorious male gets the privilege to mate. Calves are born in the spring weighing approximately 30 pounds, and develop close bonds with their mothers during the first year of life.

Moose are good swimmers and can run at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour. They have poor eyesight, therefore relying on their hearing and keen sense of smell. Their humped look is due to their highly muscled shoulders, and their hooves are well adapted for traversing through snowy winters or muddy springs.

Usually of a peaceful disposition, the moose can become aggressive if provoked, especially during mating season or when confronting a female moose with her calf.

In celebration of Moose Month, stop by the store and enter for the chance to win a Moose Bedding Ensemble.

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