Hunting Cabin Décor: Helping Create Space for the Love of Labradors

22 Sep

As a breed, Labrador Retrievers can trace their ancestral roots to Newfoundland’s fishing communities of old. Among those who love Labs, it is widely accepted that at the time, the beautiful dogs were on the early anglers’ list of close, loyal friends. That’s because they helped them with their work and provided impeccable protection. In later years, the loving creature’s role expanded to including bird hunting and show.

Today, they remain one of the world’s most beloved breeds. And as a result, many people opt to incorporate images of Labrador Retrievers into their hunting and fishing cabin decor. At Rocky Mountain Décor, we have a collection of cabin décor devoted to humankind’s best friends. So you can count on Labrador Retrievers to be well represented.

One of the dog clad items that you’ll find on offer is a large entryway bell. It features an ever alert Black Labrador Retriever standing at attention. It would pair well with stylish, custom doormats that feature decorative elements like pine cones and oak leaves. The pine cones and oak leaves could be used to indirectly represent the breed’s hunting prowess.

We have also found that in the bathroom, a person’s love of Labs and the animal’s history can really shine through with the right cabin décor. For example, a Black Lab Shower Curtain could be hung up alongside of a Black Lab wall hook and towel bar complete with cattails motif and Black Lab towels. A Guideboat Stained Glass Window and oar wall sconces would really help complete the water dog theme.

The whole water dog theme could also be carried into other parts of the home with additional cabin décor. Items that come to our minds are Labrador bookends, book sculptures, statues, table lamps, water globes and canoe shaped bookshelves. There is also the option of decorating the cabin’s walls with Labrador wallpaper borders, clocks and prints. So why not invest in a few key pieces and start celebrating humankind’s love of noble Labrador Retrievers today?

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