Falling in Love With Fall Decor

15 Sep

It’s that time of year when the trees of the forest begin to come alive with color. The breezes blowing through bring a slight chill that gives you that feeling of revival after weeks of summer heat have dragged you down. You have thoughts of cooking chili over an open fire. Baking apples dressed with brown sugar and butter in the glowing embers. And of course, roasting marshmallows.

Maybe you’re already shopping for mums. You love the vibrant color they add around your house and yard. The rich-rusty red, the eye-popping orange and the deep-passion purple are your favorites. And maybe a few tastefully placed pumpkins to put the icing on the cake. And then you start to think about some fall decor for inside the house. But where do you start? Why not think about the room where you go to get away, to get some alone time, to take a much needed rest, stretch out, read a book – and oh yes – to get that 8 hours of shut-eye? How about treating yourself to a fall bedroom makeover?

The bed is a perfect place to start. It’s the place you go to get cozy and comfortable. Imagine a bedding ensemble of soft greens, warm browns and tans, and a splash of red. It’s made of soft microfiber suede and patterned chenille with adorable images of moose that almost appear to be conversing with one another. And it’s amazing how things begin to fall into place once you know the colors and patterns of your bedding.

Perhaps you have a fireplace in your bedroom. Adding a beautiful wilderness fire screen is a simple way to bring a unique warmth and blissful splendor to this place of private refuge inside your home. It has a warm, rusty brown patina and a lovely scene of wildlife crossing a meadow. In the background you can see tall, stately pine trees and a majestic mountain range. The entire picture is engraved into quality metal and accented with hand forged twisted iron braiding around the edges.

Then top it all of with some charm from the old west with a hanging lantern wagon wheel chandelier. It’s made with a real wagon wheel that’s been reconditioned and hand wired by professionals who know all those wonderful, creative tricks to hide the wires. And you can have it custom designed to the size and number of old fashioned hanging lanterns that will appeal to your personal fancy. When all is said and done you’ll have made your bedroom a sheltering harbor of delightful enchantment where you can go to escape life’s stresses for a while.

You’ll find inspiration for all of these ideas and more on our website. Be sure to check out our sale on these items and other fall decor. And for a limited time you can enter to win a gorgeous faux whitetail three antler table lamp. But there’s only a few days left so don’t wait. Visit today and place your entry to win.

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