Create Tranquility with Country Decor

09 Sep

There is nothing quite like leaving the stress of the work day behind for the peace, quiet and comfort of a weekend at a backwoods hideaway. But what if having country furniture can help create that sort of tranquil atmosphere right in your own house?

Think about sitting on the dock by a lake. The sun is just setting. Rays of light are peaking through the branches of the lush, green pine forest which blankets the surrounding shorelines and the mountain in the distance. The western sky is painted with hues of orange, yellow, red, blue and purple. Pairs of eagles flying over the water call to each other as they dip and dive for fish to take back to their young in the nest. And there’s a doe and her fawn who wander out from among the trees to the water’s edge to drink. How breathtaking is that imagery?

Now think about the colors and textures you see in that picture. Imagine all the shades of rust and brown in the cliffs, 50 shades of gray in the bark on the trees, the rich, dark green of pine needles that cloak the trees and all the colors of the sky behind the setting sun. But how can you capture that kind of beauty inside the walls of your home?

First, think about the colors you want on your walls and then build on the principle from there. Using earth tones on walls is a great start. A beige wall may seem bland by itself. But add the beauty of plank wood flooring, some log furniture with a deep rust colored fabric, some rustic end tables made from richly stained wood and wrought iron, maybe hang an antler chandelier above a ranch house dinner table and top it off with accents of evergreen that border the corner of some western themed art framed in reclaimed, weathered barn wood, or perhaps a western themed wall tapestry.

See, you can bring the colors, textures and serenity of nature inside your home. All it takes is a little imagination, strategy and ingenuity. By the time you’re all done you will have captured the peacefulness of your favorite back-to-nature getaway.

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