Rustic Furniture is Good for You

04 Aug

Bringing the outside in has been a popular décor trend for several years and it’s expected to continue in popularity for the foreseeable future. The reason bringing the colors and textures of the outdoors into every room of the home is so popular has to do with our need to connect to nature. In his book, Last Child in the Woods, author Richard Louv, explains that “by tapping into the restorative powers of nature, we can boost mental acuity and creativity; promote health and wellness; build smarter and more sustainable businesses, communities, and economies; and ultimately strengthen human bonds.”

Rocky Mountain Cabin Décor’s naturally beautiful wood and metal furniture and decorative pieces can help you achieve the “outdoors in” look and feel you want.

Start with lots of natural light, if nature abounds outside your windows, use no or minimal window treatments. If your view is urban, use transparent window treatments that screen the scene but allow all the light to filter through. If you have rooms with few or small windows, use mirrors to help brighten them.

When choosing colors, think earth tones for walls and flooring. Get inspiration from brown soil and tree trunks, green leaves, new grass, stormy skies, or the setting sun. Save the brighter floral and sunny day shades for accent colors.

Rocky Mountain Cabin Décor has furniture and accessories for every room of your home. Our Long Horn Chaise Lounge with its opulent proportions and inviting shape will welcome guests into your living room. Add a soft alpaca or white velvafur throw and you’ll never want to leave this lap of luxury.

A beautiful Sierra Woodland Table, featuring a teak wood stump base and beautifully polished top, will add natural elegance to any room. But, as the focal point for an entry or framed by the view through sliding glass doors, it is outstanding.

Our Cedar Chickadee Dining Set comes in four popular lengths and features smooth lines that complement rustic and modern decors alike. Backed benches provide ample room for all your dinner guests with room left over for colorful throw pillows. Choose pillows in a variety of textures and shades to tie your dining area in with your overall decorating scheme.

Carry the beauty of nature throughout the house with accent pieces like our antler candle holders with their graceful curves, or whimsical, woodsy pieces like a Whistler’s Basket or Drifter Bottle Stand.

One’s home should serve as a peaceful sanctuary that fosters feelings of hope and happiness. Including some rustic furniture in your décor may improve your over all health by helping you to relax surrounded by the beautiful colors and textures of nature.

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