Hand-made Furniture – Sustainable and Crafted With Care

28 Jul

The next time you are in the market for furniture you should consider some hand-made furniture. The environment is a huge concern to most people with household products these days. This concern can and should extend to furniture as well.

The life cycle is an important thing to consider with furniture, not only for your own pocketbook but also for the furniture’s sustainability. Locally sourced wood (which is used in our products) is very important to consider.

Furniture that is sourced from different countries does a toll on our environment. One way in which it creates a negative impact is with the cost of transporting. The fewer miles that furniture and its components have to travel, the better for the Earth. Another aspect to think about is the process of crafting the furniture. A craftsman here is typically following more stringent guidelines to save energy and reduce use of environmentally harmful materials. The furniture made over-seas is typically made on an assembly line and the only focus is the profit margin. Harmful chemicals that can affect the Earth and possibly you and your family are used.

Hand-made furniture is made with care. These craftsmen depend on their reputation being established by making quality, long lasting pieces. If you decide to purchase a piece of hand-made furniture it will definitely last longer than a cheap assembly line product. Hand-made furniture can turn into a family heirloom. The fact that it lasts longer is definitely a sustainable feature of this furniture. Remember that every time you buy a piece of furniture, you are likely throwing another piece away. Landfills are full enough already.

As you are shopping around for a new piece of furniture to liven up your house, consider sustainable, hand-made furniture. The Earth and future generations will be indebted to you.

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