Country decor makes a big impression

07 Jul

You can find a wide selection of items that will fit into your theme of country decor. It is fun to have such a theme because there are so many directions that you can go and so many delightful “finds” that you will be proud to display. Your relatives and friends will be impressed by each colorful and distinctive addition to your home, lodge or cabin retreat; and you will enjoy looking at and using each piece.

In local stores or online, look for older country items such as milk buckets, pitchers, tools, kitchen gadgets, decorative cookie jars, and so many others. You can use old vases and mason jars to hold fresh cut flowers. Larger buckets and such can serve as planters for real or artificial flowers.

One big item in country decor is a handmade-looking quilt or bedspread in a design that will reflect your hobby of quilting, fishing, hunting, butterfly or bird watching or any theme that will reflect the real you. Complete the look with appropriate linens, soft blankets, pillow shams and window coverings.

Antique dressers, armoires, decorated bed frames, night tables, tabletop curios, unusual mirrors, and desk clocks in the shapes of wildlife or birds can finish off your rustic bedroom.

Country fabrics include plaid, gingham, gunny sack and others. They can be found in the furniture coverings, curtains or drapes, pillows, table linens and other places.

Table and floor lamps, chandeliers and wall sconces can create a genuine mountain cabin tone.

Beautiful high quality decorative and antique area and throw rugs add warmth and elegance to your living room, dining room, family area or office. They give an added touch of color and pattern, and the choice of designs is endless.

A touch of rugged western artwork is another way to express the country theme. Framed prints, wall tapestries, statues or art in the form of sculptures or pottery can add highlights.

To ask any questions or to get ideas to advance your country decor, please visit our website.

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