Cabin Furniture Crafted With Teak: A Beautiful Alternative to the Ordinary

30 Jun

When many people think of cabin furniture, thoughts of pine, oak and redwood come to mind. Although they are fabulous woods, one shouldn’t forget about teak. It is a tropical hardwood that has been used in the Pacific Rim to create fine furnishing for centuries. It tends to make excellent furnishings because is it extremely durable and inherently resistant to shrinkage, mildew, rot and fungi. It also wears beautifully and sometimes emits a pleasant, leather-like odor.

Today, American furniture manufacturers are using teak to handcraft cabin furnishings too. One Texas manufacturer of note is Chris Bruning of Groovystuff. Bruning is a master at taking reclaimed wood from vintage agricultural equipment and repurposing it into amazing items that are as artful as they are functional. Take his Cattle Baron’s BarWinchester Wall Table and Jackson Hole Table as illustrations. They are made from teak and antique wagon wheels.

Of the three, the Jackson Hole Table is really amazing. In addition to the teak wagon wheel, it sports legs made from reclaimed plow handles and a built-in center planter carved out of a reclaimed tree stump. We also adore the Winchester Wall Table, which has the added features of reclaimed, vintage wagon planks and hand-forged iron.

Bruning is also known to work the same magic with natural objects like teak root balls. The balls are frequently leftover from controlled burns and agricultural projects. Sometimes massive in size, Bruning painstakingly carves the root balls into useful cabin furniture. Prime examples of that ingenuity and craftsmanship may be seen with his Badland Root Chairs and Root Benches. Visually, they are matchless and would fit into any number of interior cabin design schemes.

We should also mention that his creative musings and skilled execution have not gone unnoticed either. In 2013, his sustainable home furnishings business was bestowed tribute by the home and gift industry’s,ICON HONORS

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  1. Kathleen Harrell

    July 5, 2014 at 12:21 am

    This is my favorite place to ramble around and buy gifts.


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