Exercise Your Human Advantages and Cool Off with Stylish, Bear Décor

23 Jun

Now that the days are getting hotter, many folks are seeking ways to stay cool. And America’s black bears are no different from us in that regard. Their dark colored fur makes them susceptible to absorbing almost the full brunt of the sun’s rays. So they tend to avoid looking for food during the hottest parts of the day and lay down in the shade when they can.

As humans, we can do that too. However, most of us have advantages in the cooling department that wild black bears do not. One of them is the ability to sit down in an air conditioned room or in front of a tabletop-size Bear Figurine Fan. Of course on exceptionally hot days, we could also opt to use both the air conditioner and the Bear Figurine Fan simultaneously.

At Rocky Mountain Décor, we have those types of fans on offer along with other bear decor. The tabletop fans are crafted from fine copper, complete with a gorgeous patina. They stand approximately 13.5-inches tall and will only take up 11-inches of counter space. We also have custom pulls that sport your choice of either black or rust colored bears. They’d make perfect additions to ceiling fans, which is another cooling advantage that we have over wild black bears.

On the other hand, one advantage that we share with the bears is the ability to cool off in the water. Bears just jump or wade in to get wet. Then they shake themselves dry when their done. We may choose to float a while in a canoe first and use towels to dry off. That’s why you’ll also find bear décor items like decorative canoe paddles, 100% cotton terry towels and custom towel bars included in our collection.

To learn more about them and other items that will help humans’ homes look and feel “beary” cool all summer through, please contact us today.

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