Embrace Ancestral Symbolism and Animal Spirit with Unique Bear Décor

02 Jun

For centuries, the bear has served as a symbolic creature for many groups. The Native Americans see the mighty creature as a physical representation of leadership and quiet strength against adversity. The Celtic people believe the bears represent fierce, maternal love. And the ancient Japanese recognized them as symbols of mountain Gods and rebirth. So why not join your ancestors in embracing the animal’s spirit and filling your home with bear decor?

There are many ways to envelop yourself in the bear’s mighty spirit. In the family den, consider using decor items like bear family wall art, bear clad fireplace accessories, bear head lamp finials, bear pillows and a Circle of Bears Wall Mirror. We love the mirror because it really represents a bear’s love of family. Consider placing it over a console table that’s been outfitted with bear track drawer pulls and tree bear candle holders.

In your favorite cubs’ rooms, go wild with plush bear rugs, bear bed linens, bear murals, wallpaper borders, light switches and curtains. For the furniture, try a plush bear footstool on for size. It would pair well with a bear themed rocker, decorative fan, chair and table. Of course tossing in a few stuffed bears, bear books and bear book sculptures wouldn’t hurt matters either.

For the kitchen, consider adding more bear door pulls along with cast iron bear steamers, black bear serving trays, bear bowl centerpieces, bear iron spice racks and bear combination napkin holders. They’d look good with wooden kitchen tables, bear table linens, bear dishes, bear cups and bear clad kitchen chairs.

The kitchen, bedrooms and dens are not the only rooms where you could incorporate a bit of bear magic.  At Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor, we also have decorative, bear themed items for bathrooms, hallways, home offices, mud rooms and outdoor living areas. To learn more about those bear decor items and embrace the animal’s spirit, please contact us by e-mailing today.

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