One-of-a-Kind, Rustic Décor Courtesy of Mother Nature and Fine Artists

27 May

It is no secret that when it comes to inherent artistry, there is no one as gifted as Mother Nature. For centuries, humankind has admired her handiwork and incorporated it into everything from ancient head-dresses to rustic decor. To this day, you can find examples of such items in The British Museum and online stores like ours.

Some of our beloved, rustic décor items are made with animal antlers. The antlers are, in every sense of the word, a perfectly sustainable, cruelty-free resource. Found worldwide, the antlers typically fall off once a year as part of the cervids’ growth process or are broken off during the course of their normal, daily activities. Afterward, the antlers begin to grow again. So the castoffs are never in short supply.

The shed antlers are frequently used for a wide variety of home and gift purposes. For example, some artisans take an age-old approach and convert the antlers into flatware, kitchen utensils and additional tools. Others chose to create rustic furniture, storage aids, artwork, board games, lighting and decorative items. A few rustic décor items that tend to be very popular are antler mirrors, antler chandeliers and antler willow baskets.

Because they are made from natural items, antler mirrors come in an impressive array of sizes, shapes, colors and designs. Thus, they tend to be versatile, rustic décor items whose striking appearances make them worthy of being a room’s focal point. They also partner well with Bleach Antler Sofa Tables, Barrel Stave Antler Bar Stools, Barnwood Beds, Antler Pub Tables and other furniture pieces.

The antler chandeliers also pair well with the mirrors and other furnishings that we mentioned above. They come in various sizes and are very easy to install. Some of the chandeliers that we have in stock feature whitetail and pioneer mule antlers. Others sport stunning, faux specimens or real antlers taken from majestic moose and elk.

As far as the antler willow baskets go, they vary widely in design too. However, many feature handles and adornments made from deer and elk antlers. Some of the baskets are intended to hold bottles of wine, sparkling beverages and champagne. Others are well suited for containing multiple items (e.g. fire starters, magazine and yarn skeins).  To learn more about these and other rustic décor items, please contact us by e-mailing 

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