It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight

10 Apr

The film series “Rocky” has become a classic and favorite about a rags to riches fighter. Who doesn’t think of the montage of Sylvester Stalone transforming his body in the third movie to the song “Eye of the Tiger”?  He trains very hard for a few weeks: running on beaches, pulling dog sleds, using meat as punching bags. In those few weeks, Rocky transforms himself physically so he’s ready to fight Apollo.

We like to think that redecorating your house takes all the preparation and energy that it did for Rocky to get ready for his fight. Whether you want to add a few rustic decor pieces to your home or cabin, or furnish a new home with furniture and bedding, it takes a lot of work. The difference between Rocky and redecorating your house at, is that we make it easy! We take all of the running, punching, and training out of your redecorating.

You know that you can easily find rustic furniture, country bedding, and all sorts of cabin decor here. Call one of our knowledgable customer service representatives who can help guide you through designing your perfect dream home, cabin, or lodge. Most of our pieces can be custom made, so just because something isn’t exactly how you want it to look on our website, call and ask.  We can usually customize it to your size and taste.

So decorating is no longer something to sweat about. Transform your home like Rocky transformed his body at

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Posted by on April 10, 2012 in Cabin Decor


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