The Amazing Race, or Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor?

28 Feb

I was watching the Amazing Race last night, and seeing Mark and Bopper and the rest of the crew work so hard just to stay in the race.  Watching them run around the world makes me exhausted just thinking about it. The blood sweat and tears ( and believe me, there are plenty of tears ) that go into the race is crazy! Only one team wins the prize and all the other teams go home empty handed. That’s when I had an epihony: why work so hard to possibly get nothing, when you don’t have to work at all when you shop at  Shopping is so easy, you get the best prices on the web with our price match guarantee, and so you win every time!! No blood, sweat and tears. Just great cabin decor, and hassle-free service. Shopping on is sort of like being Phil, the host of The Amazing Race. He gets to travel the world, and just send players home. He doesn’t have to count cows, or eat weird things.


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Posted by on February 28, 2012 in Misc.


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