What to Do When Your Team Loses the Big Game?

06 Feb

What do you do when your team loses the big game? The other teams’ fans are out celebrating, and cheering, and having a grand old time. You’re stuck feeling bad about yourself that the season is over. There won’t be any champange opening for you. No rings for the team, no parade to attend to. Ok, so this probably isn’t make you feel better right now.  But, we have a perfect solution to ease the pain.  Why, SHOPPING, of course. And the bigger the purchase, the better we feel it will ease your sorrows.

We’d like to suggest a rustic pool table.  Because, let’s get serious. You’re going to need to do something until your sport is on again ( and while all those other fans are out there celebrating ). So why not have some fun and learn to play some billards? You can take all your frustrations out the cue ball, and have a fancy pool table set when the 2012 season starts again. You can invite friends over to watch your team all over again, and play pool during half time!
Timber Lodge Billiard Table by Groovystuff

Are you feeling better yet? We thought so = )

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