A Buying Guide for Cabin Doors

05 Jan

Buying Cabin door guide

While looking for the perfect door for your cabin, there are certain things you should keep in mind. The cabin door is the point of entry in to your vacation home. It is important that this door be both aesthetically appealing and also be weather proof. A strong and secure door which protects your cabin and also lasts for a long time is an ideal selection. The door should offer protection from weather and heat. It should also protect one from sound and other such disturbances. The external door which is the first thing that your visitors see should fit in well with the overall feel of your house. It should be of a suitable color and material and should not clash with your cabin’s décor.

Finding the right door

The external door is the one which is mostly used. You step in and out of your cabin through this door. So it is important that it be efficient and visually interesting. The character of the cabin can be spelt out through the selection of the right kind of door. Also, check what kind of door will suit the entrance area. If there is enough space for you to make double doors, it is perfect as it gives a feeling of space and adds a classic look. Many times the cabin door is not checked well before it is bought. The doors might not be checked for mold or sweating door panels. The environment in which the cabin is located causes lot of damage to it. So it is necessary that the doors be made of materials which are suitable to the environment. Other details that you need to keep in mind are details like whether it opens towards the inside or outside.


The style of your door should suit the style of your house. Some people prefer to have the old traditional looking cabin. In such cases choosing wooden doors is the best option. Some prefer to have modern cabins with modern facilities. For such cabins many types of suitable doors are available in the market nowadays. Some people would like to have glass set doors. These are a good idea to let in the light. But they are not a good idea if your area is prone to burglaries.


The size of the door is also a very important factor that you need to consider. If your door is big and can open to reveal the vast space outside it will be one of the best features of your cabin. When the weather is nice the door can be left open so that you can enjoy the outdoors even when you are inside.

Hand carved doors

Doors with carvings are quite big nowadays. These doors will be a beautiful feature for your cabin. Your door can actually symbolize the surroundings. If your cabin is in area populated by moose or antlers you can carve a good impression of these animals on the door. Or you can add other features like a carving of the Northwood or Woodlands etc. This way your door can add to the decoration of the whole cabin by reflecting the whole surrounding.


Opening type

The single door system is the one mostly preferred by all. This system can be opened inwards or outwards. There are advantages and disadvantages for both. Inward opening doors do not need space outside the door while opening. But, of course, space is needed inside the room while opening. If your cabin is placed in an area where there is plenty of snowfall and you are snowed in, when you open the door the snow will fall inside the house. So while choosing the opening type keep in mind these factors.

Double doors also can be opened inwards or outwards. The same advantages and disadvantages for inward and outward single doors apply here also. But with double doors you have more space and can be opened to reveal wider scenes. Also there is more space for putting glass. Glass on your door increases the amount of light that comes inside the house. At times, you can even choose to leave one door closed and the other door open. This lets you control the space that you would like to keep open.

Nowadays, new types of doors called concertina are becoming quite popular. These doors are made up of three or more doors and are folded back one behind the other. This kind of door opens up the inside of the house to the outside. The door can be as wide as the room and can open to reveal a deck or a balcony. This is a great idea if you like to eat outdoors or give a party as you can open up the whole room for more space.

Choosing the right kind of door is very important and the factors which influence your decision should be not just personal but also practical. Think of the surroundings and also your aesthetic preferences while choosing a door.

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