Antler Salt and Pepper Shakers

19 Oct

Log homes and cabins are filled with decor that’s unfinished, reflects the wooded surroundings, and shows off natural beauty.  That’s why you see so much cabin decor featuring bark, antlers, or outdoor scenes.

antler salt and pepper shakersSmall touches of cabin decor in the kitchen can go a long way. Salt and Pepper shakers can really shake up the look in your kitchen to add a rustic feel. These Antler Salt and Pepper Shakers  will add style to your table. These beautiful antler products are made from a truly renewable resource, since all antlered animals shed their antlers every spring and grow another set by late summer. Antler gathering has been a tradition among many families for generations. After the antlers are gathered, world-renowned artists, blacksmiths and sculptures begin the process of creating functional rustic art for your home or cabin.

Dimensions: Standard Materials: Natural Shed Antlers Due to the handcrafted nature of this product, no two products are alike. The dimensions listed are approximate. Variations in overall dimensions or color may occur due to the natural materials used.

Authentic antler shakers crafted from genuine antlers are sure to add a touch of rustic flair to your home or cabin.



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