Painted Sky Designs at Rocky Mountain Decor

03 Apr

Painted Sky Designs began in 2003 in Dubuque, Iowa, with the idea that there was a market for incorporating fine art into outdoor furniture and accessories that were lifestyle specific. Since that time, we feel that we have redefined the “park bench.”

Our original small offering of horse and wildlife benches has now grown to more than 60 individual designs with over 200 product possibilities, and we are excited about the many new ideas and products to come.

All designs begin as small thumbnail drawings where layout details are worked out. I then create a full-size, detailed drawing of the proposed product where I refine the composition further. A sculpted 3D version is then created and used to make an aluminum mold. The mold is used to create an impression in sand, into which hot molten iron or aluminum is poured. When it has cooled, the surrounding sand is broken off leaving the metal casting. It is then dipped in a rust inhibitor and painted with a bronze powder coat finish, which is baked on. The final step is to apply hand painted gold highlights. All art is protected by world wide copyrights.

Rocky Mountain Decor is a proud carrier of these fine outdoor furniture products, shop here today!


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