Get Into The Spring of Things

24 Mar

Summer is rapidly approaching and with a few days of warm weather in the forecast it’s time to start thinking about updating your yards. There are lots of simple inexpensive things you can do to give your yard and gardens the face lift they need to kick off a great summer. Planting flowers are a great way to give your outdoor spaces a quick pick me up. Bring color and a fresh look to your garden by planting some great annuals and perennials. Weather you plant a container garden or create some beds you must first decide the type of garden you want.

If you’re looking to plant a garden with simple color and style or a garden with purpose you must consider the type of climate you live in and the best plants to grow. Certain plants grow better or do not survive in certain climates. So do some research and learn what will thrive in your yards.

Perennials are plants that bloom and live for two or more years. These you plant and enjoy for years to come with proper care and feeding. Annuals are just that, they have to be replaced annually. Either plant allows you to enjoy some color for a season or several years.

On top of your new plants and making sure to feed and water them you can add great accents like outdoor decor. Whether it’s a gazing ball, weathervane, bird feeder or just odd garden decorations you can take your garden from ordinary to extraordinary.

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