Stone County Ironworks- Withstanding Just About Anything

25 Feb

Recently there was a horrendous house fire.

Thankfully, no one was hurt, but the loss of property that night was overwhelming.

Everything was destroyed…almost.

Early the next morning as the sun filtered through blackened trees, the scene became clear. The flames were extinguished by then…dampened ashes still smoldered, and beautiful shapes began to emerge from the charred destruction.

Silhouetted eerily against the dense gray smoke, were the distinctive shapes of several Stone County Ironworks furniture and accessory pieces.  They still stood!  Why?  Because each piece was born by fire and work-hardened by the blows from an artisans hammer.

Several beautiful chairs, tables, candleholders, and beds stood proudly in their place as the rest of the home burned to the ground!

We were fortunate to retrieve them. After careful cleaning and straightening we were able to restore them as good as new…so that they could be returned to their owners.

The family had treasured these heirloom quality pieces for years before the fire. We can only imagine the stories that will accompany these wonderful treasures for generations to come!

At Stone County Ironworks we make iron the way it was crafted 150 years  before “green” became a clever marketing tool. Most of the energy expended is human. Our finish is non-toxic with no dangerous solvents or emissions…and it is baked hard, using natural gas…found in abundance nearby…here in Arkansas, the “Natural State.”


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