Oh Deer! Pro Sports Players Are Using Antlers???

07 Feb

Professional sports teams are doing their best to stay away from steroids but many are moving on to New Zealand Velvet Deer Antlers. Strange? Not if you’re looking for a natural performance enhancer. New Zealand has found a way to freeze dry velvet antlers and grind them into a fine powder that can either be taken in pill form or liquefied and sprayed into the mouth.

Experts say that this is essentially a human growth hormone and is undetectable by standard substance testing that is administered to professional athletes. Human growth hormones help the body build and strengthen tissue allowing athletes to recover faster and increase their performance faster than training alone.

Though this substance is banned from professional sports leagues, the fact that it is hard to trace makes it hard to catch. In order to find someone using the substance, they would have to be blood tested (which sports teams do not do) and if the test is not administered at a specific time after the drug is taken then it will not show up. Some are arguing that if the substance cannot be found with most testing, then why not make it legal for everyone?

Read more about what many professional athletes are saying about this new performance enhancing substance. Click here to read more about this new PED.

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One response to “Oh Deer! Pro Sports Players Are Using Antlers???

  1. Ben P

    February 19, 2011 at 12:13 pm

    Thanks for this. Really cool stuff you are sharing here.


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