A Rustic Affair: Rustic Centerpieces

08 Dec

Centerpieces are typically the area of your wedding where you can be the most creative and add the most rustic style. From wildflowers in mason jars to pillar candles on birch wood or baskets filled with fruit or pinecones, the centerpiece provides endless possibilities for an imaginative bride.

While nearly anything can be made into a stunning centerpiece, there are some tips to keep the tables looking stunning and comfortable for your guests. Avoid flower arrangements or centerpieces that are too difficult to see over. If you would like a tall arrangement try thinner vases with the bulk of the arrangement above eye level.

It is also important to keep the table uncluttered; too many candles, flowers, and accent pieces can leave little room for your guests and their belongings.

And finally dedicate plenty of time to designing your centerpiece. There are so many options out there and planning can become overwhelming; make sure you are not rushed to make decisions to ensure you have the centerpiece that fits your wedding’s unique rustic style.

Stay Tuned for Part Seven: Rustic Favors


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2 responses to “A Rustic Affair: Rustic Centerpieces

  1. Darleen Watson

    December 13, 2010 at 2:43 am

    These are absolutely lovely. I want to have a winter wedding at a large cabin resort in the mountains and I was wondering what to do about the centerpieces since I want it to look natural and rustic. Thank you very much for the ideas!

  2. Jane D

    December 30, 2010 at 11:55 pm

    Great job. Good article I must say, My daughter is now following your blog to help get ideas for her wedding


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