A Hunt Worth Every Buck

06 Nov

Here is another successful buck hunting adventure from Kent Stafford, a friend of the
President of Rocky Mountain CD and fellow hunter and Sportsman. They met while working at TRW back in 1981. Kent is retired now living with his wife near Colfax, CA.

Hi Guys,

Just got back from Colorado this past Saturday.  My brother and I had a great trip.  Unfortunately this was the only buck we saw during the entire season so my brother had to go home empty handed.  The buck I got was by no means a monster, but is the largest one I have ever gotten.  Prior to being field dressed I am sure it weighed over 200 pounds.  I usually get deer that barely exceeds 100 pounds.  The funny thing is that I got this guy about 15 minutes into the season.  Last year I got my deer also on opening morning.  In both years, we never saw another buck during the rest of the season.

We hunted out of Dolores, CO in zones 71 and 711.  The country was beautiful and looked like there should have a deer behind every tree.  We hunted as high as 10,500 feet, where I got this one, and as low as 7,500 feet.  We were surprised by how few deer we saw.  A weather front came in a few days after the season started which did help get the deer moving.  We ended up seeing more deer (does) at the lower levels.  And surprisingly, while hunting in the low areas we ran into a very nice 6×6 bull elk.  Needless to say, we sure wished we had an elk tag!

I am now getting ready and looking forward to my New Mexico hunt which starts on 11/20.  This will be my first guided hunt for deer.  I am expecting to see a lot more deer and some very distracted bucks.



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